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Alpha Lipoic Acid
U.S Prices


U.S Prices
Canadian Prices
International Prices

500mg ALA Capsules:
Per Cap= $.25USD
200   Caps or more= $.23USD Per Cap
500   Caps or more= $.22USD Per Cap
1000 Caps or more=$.20USD Per Cap
Shipping is $12 for express anywhere in the US, $5 shipping if you want it to go as regular mail

Payment Methods
The fastest way to pay is through PAYPAL, it's free to join, and easy to use! Just goto and set up an account. Once you have an account just click send money to:
You can send funds to:
P.O Box 236
Waterdown, Ontario
L0R 2H0
Also, when you do pay please be sure to email me with the following info:
1. How many capsules you ordered
2. What type of shipping you have selected
3. Your mailing address
4. Your email address